DJA's promotion services: strategy, management, creative, rules creation, programming, warehouse.

We are in the business of serving you, so here's just a sampling of
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Rules & Legal Review
Our in-house legal counsel closely monitors every domestic and international program that we handle. Our team regularly attends industry-sponsored conferences to maintain a keen understanding of promotion law and recent enforcement patterns. For you, this means valuable legal knowledge available for last minute conference calls and in-person presentations. This accessibility allows us to remain one of the most respected agencies in the industry.
Creative & Design Services
Thorough research and careful decision-making goes into every program to deliver creative that will attract your audience and motivate them to take action. This critical element of program development is handled by our highly experienced team who specializes in social media applications, Flash games, microsites, splash pages, banner ads, e-cards, email campaigns/newsletters, promotional logos, game cards, sales kits and point-of-sale materials.
Strategy & Development
A DJA program is a collaboration of many hard-working elements. We bring to bear our valuable experience to deliver impactful programs that begin with a solid strategic plan and end with a seamless execution. You decide which services you need. We can provide complete program ideation or consultation on an existing concept. To ensure success, we gather all appropriate department heads to start the process with a brainstorming session. Our programs conclude with a summary featuring lessons learned which are vital for future planning.
Programming, Hosting & Web
We apply everything DJA has learned – and even pioneered – in the industry to the latest technologies in order to create new, exciting and relevant tools. Our team specializes in the creation of custom programs, so whatever the idea, we'll bring it to life. For all of our programs (custom and turnkey), our team handles the specifics necessary to run a seamless promotion. Count on real-time reporting and tracking, data capture, security, development, program analysis and more.
Travel prizes undoubtedly create lasting memories. We also understand that a happy customer can be a walking advertisement. Don't jeopardize that invaluable asset by failing to provide that once in a lifetime experience. DJA Travel, our in-house, fully licensed and bonded travel agency, doesn't miss a step by closely fielding each inquiry before, during and after the vacation. We handle everything from weekend spa excursions to African safari adventures for individual sweepstakes and incentive program awards to incentive travel for groups numbering in the hundreds. Our full-service staff of experienced travel professionals and tour escorts work closely with every major airline, cruise line, ground operator and travel venue in the U.S. and abroad.
Prizes & Premiums
Prizes and premiums are critical to the success of a promotion. They must be tailored to the audience and the theme. Whether you’re looking for a straightforward premium, a brand new car or an insured prize, DJA provides the broadest range of creative solutions for your needs. Our procurement specialists leverage our total buying power to get the best pricing from manufacturers around the world.
Warehouse & Fulfillment
Depend on DJA to supply your winners with the prize they’re anxiously awaiting with superior customer service, quality control and timeliness. Our facility can handle receiving and shipping of inventory in the hundreds or thousands with secure lockup, climate control and knowledge of postal regulations and changes. Whether you need inbound mail receipt, sweepstakes and incentive program award shipments, pick and pack operations, inventory receipt, distribution of materials, automated and manual assembly, collation and shipping, or online status reporting, DJA has the service.
Production & Security
DJA's security experts are involved in the planning of every game of chance from its inception, to protect our clients' expected prize liability and, at the same time, ensure that consumers receive a fair and equitable distribution of all prizes. To maintain the highest level of security and quality control standards, we have extensive internal security procedures for our online engines and are staffed to be on-site to supervise the production of materials. Additionally, our comprehensive services include trafficking, winner seeding, distribution of prizes, proofing, and verification of winners for instant win games.
Account Management
We have a team of professionals who are responsible for the planning and management of your program from start to finish. Relieve yourself from the stress of not having enough help, missing deadlines, administration, fulfillment, programming, hosting, prizing and legalities. Our one-stop-shop can handle all your behind the scenes needs and account management obligations.
Sometimes you just don't know where to start, or you have a great idea but don't know how to execute it. Even if you're just looking to find out what's worked for your competition, turn to DJA. We'll provide professional advice from our expert staff that is tailored to your specific needs. With more than 50 years in the industry, we know how to construct programs that deliver profitable results.
Database Audits
In the past few years we have seen a surge in contests with a public voting element. Unfortunately, many voters have found ways to circumvent standard safeguards and have voted thousands of times using scripts, bots and third party voting services. We at DJA have developed a proprietary engine which runs in real time as the data comes in as well as on the backend to parse the database looking for patterns, fake e-mail addresses, and other evidence of violation of the Official Rules. Using our engine we have the ability to identify ineligible data which ensures a fair outcome prior to final winner determination.